Planning to Buy Luxurious residential Villas near Ahmedabad? Here are 5 things You Must Absolutely Consider

The stresses and stressors of our life today has changed considerably if we compare it to what our previous generations have been through and therefore so has the definition of relaxation for us.

Buying weekend homes and luxurious residential villas in Ahmedabad to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life is increasingly catching up and those are the fortunate ones who already own one of these. Malhaar Exotica which is Nestled in between serene meadows of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar where you will find many villas that you can make your very own holiday home or a weekend home.

Human’s natural tendency is to feel calm and relaxed when close to nature. And that’s what today’s CEO’s and executives are craving for which has given rise to the trend in the tourism industry of buying luxurious residential villas.
These villas are a perfect combination of privacy and convenience that are designed especially for the urban crowd yearning to unite with nature not just on a one-off vacation but regularly. If you are planning to buy luxury residential villas near Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar then you have reached the right place.

We will provide you with the top 5 things you must keep in mind before making that big purchase:

  1. Services Provided for the Residents

    All the fun in owning a luxury villa is in the kind of services they provide the residents. Weekend homes near Ahmedabad are known for their exceptional services. Particularly Malhaar Exotica is popular for its excellent in-house service which comprises of 24-hour helpdesk and access to a range of amenities such as
    – A farmhouse
    – Jogging park
    – Play area for children
    – Football and cricket field
    – Tennis, volleyball, and basketball court
    – Gaming zones with provision for playing table tennis, chess, carom board, foosball or table football, pool, air hockey, video games, etc.
    – Swimming pool and gym
    – Amphitheatre
    – Clubhouse for recreation
    – Huge capacity party law

    All our facilities are guarded by well-trained security personnel 24 hours along with CCTV cameras placed strategically for added security. Street lights provide ample light to the yards of these villas making a post dinner-stroll a much-awaited activity for the vacationers. Going by our philosophy of being close to nature, the facility has a 100% solar system project that powers the villas at Malhaar Exotica.

    Water shortage is never a scene here as this place is laced with overheard water tanks along with individual bore wells for contingency situations. The drip irrigation system also helps in saving water while maintaining the lush greenery around.

    Buying luxurious residential villas near Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar is in vogue and if the weekend home(s) you have shortlisted have the above facilities then you are one step closer to making the decision!

  2. Compliance with Property Laws and Rules

    One of the biggest risks real estate buyers face is the chance of getting deceived into buying a property that isn’t legal. Buyers interested in purchasing luxury villas need to make sure
    – The title clear documents of the property are in place
    – Documents approving construction
    – Occupancy certificate
    – Compliance to the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act
    – Permission for converting agricultural land into non-agricultural land is in place
    – Ascertain the identity of the seller to make sure the seller is duly authorised to do so

    For avoiding unpleasant experiences all legal matters need to be in accordance with the laws of the land and by being compliant with RERA Malhaar Exotica is definitely one interesting project you should consider.

  3. Transport Facilities and Connectivity

    Transport to and from the villa is another big factor that needs to be considered before making a decision to buy. It’s a bad idea to buy a property that isn’t connected well to your city or the nearest city. Malhaar Exotica is not only very well connected with Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar but the rest of Gujarat. Malhaar Resort is within very close proximity to many big cities which gives an option for the vacationers of the Villa to experience the resort as well. Along with the privacy of a villa, you can enjoy the benefits of a resort as well.

  4. Inspect the Property

    Visiting the property and inspecting it is common sense and common knowledge but we don’t mean just looking around. By inspecting we mean thoroughly check every corner of the villa to know and understand the structure and how it has been used till date. You don’t want to be surprised by terribly leaking walls or busting ceilings after you have bought the villa. Your vacation home needs to be just that – a vacation home that allows you time to relax and enjoy with your family and friends not wasting your time in repairing faulty pipes or fittings.

  5. Size of Property/Villas

    This is another factor that often takes a back seat whereas it should be given its due respect we feel. The size of the weekend home you wish to buy needs to be decided based on your family size, holidaying style, and what kind of place you foresee would be your requirement in the near future. If you prefer to get away for a weekend all by yourself or go on a vacation with your partner or just a few friends you could opt for a smaller property whereas if your travel plan always includes your whole joint family then a full-fledged 5BHK villa might be your best bet. As far as size of the property is concerned, Malhaar Exotica has a range of luxurious residential villas from 1BHK to 5BHK to serve the requirements of its varied customers.

    A side benefit to all this is, you can rent out the villa during the time you won’t be using the facility and earn from your investment. Now, isn’t that a great return on your investments?

To conclude we would say, your dream luxurious villas aren’t out of your reach anymore; at an unbelievable price, you can own one of the many Malhaar Exotica Villas. Find out more by getting in touch with us.

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